Like a Tree, My Body Is…

A campaign for those with eating disorders has taken the poem “like a tree, my body is…” and asked people to write a positive word about the body to encourage others to love their bodies. I focused my ideas on the female body. They asked me to blog my idea, so here it is:

Like a tree, my body is… FOREVER BLOSSOMING.

        Just as a tree blossoms beautiful flowers every year, my body blossoms.

        Every minute of the day my body is changing.

       It is growing, and with growth it becomes stronger, yet still remains delicate, just as a blossom may.

       It shows femininity. It is refined.

        Like a tree that blossoms every spring, my body goes through a cycle, and each time it is renewed.

        From time to time I may feel like my body is withering. Winter and tiredness can take their toll.

        However, I remind myself that this also happens to a blossoming tree, and when I look at one, I see nothing but  beauty, nothing but nature in all its glory.

        And nature is a powerful thing. It is inspiring, harmonious, simple, and wonderful to look at.

        This parallels the female body.

 I may look in the mirror and try to find flaws in myself, but the only thing our “flaws” do is add character to our bodies.

  Perfection is overrated anyway.