Morning tiredness

I once thought there was a snake in my toilet.

Really, I had put my patterned knickers down the toilet and my used nose tissue in the wash basket


Beginnings, middles, ends

There may be a beginning, a middle and an end to life |
But there are also beginnings, middles and ends |
A beginning such as becoming husband and wife |
Each person’s story depends |

One person might begin a new life when|
They leave home and go to uni |
But saying goodbye to the days before then |
May also be a finale |

Middles happen in every chapter |
Like moving in before getting married |
Some might think the middle doesn’t matter |
The ends are all that are fancied |

But that A grade you got on that paper one time |
Made you the person you are today |
So really, it’s the middles of life’s climb |
That make it worth the stay |

Everyone is only concerned with how it turns out |
For them in the end |
You’ll get nowhere doing nothing, I want to shout!
The middle, you need to attend