I am always writing lists,

It’s something I love to do;

A personality trait many possess.

I must admit I do like to be organised,

But I suspect the lists are just something to do

While I avoid doing the to dos written-

Another form of procrastination.

I always joke to my mum

“You need a list for all your lists!”

But I can see how it gets like that.

I have separate lists for everything

Things to draw and things to write

Things to buy and things to try

A 2017 resolution list- even though I said I wouldn’t!

Some stuff has been written for years

Still yet to be crossed off.

Yet I still add more- so much ambition but such little drive.

Maybe this year’s resolution should be to complete the lists

There are so many

Scattered in hundreds of different pretty notebooks

What am I doing?!

I’m not doing anything

So why am I still writing the lists?

A way of trying to gain control of my life maybe

When not a lot is going well

Writing the lists at least makes me feel like I have

Some sort of a plan

And they give me something to do


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