The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Smiling

There was a man who would always smile

No matter the situation

He’d smile in the face of any trial

Toward any confrontation


People thought he was weird or conceited

Truthfully, he was cursed

He’d smile despite how bad he’d been treated

He  knew he looked perversed


The spell was far too hard to break

And he became ostracised

He wanted to know his mistake

He was being punished, antagonised

What he would give to cry a tear

And his cheeks ached terribly

He’d lost everyone he held dear

Lost any normality


Then a young girl approached him

And handed him her teddy

“Hello, you can have Tim

He will be your buddy”


“Even though you’re smiling, you look lonely”

The man didn’t know what to reply

Then a miracle began to happen, slowly-

Despite his smile he began to cry


It was the most touching moment

And he continued to smile

A child viewing him free from judgement

And he felt good for a long while


Eventually his smile began to fade

The spell was broken!

A beautiful moment had came to his aid

From the words a child had spoken


Tears began to flood it felt so good

And he felt his smile reappear

But this time he knew it should

So he never held back his cheer


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