How can I slow down time?

Or at least, my perception of it

It’s running out, am i still in my prime?

In the grand scheme of things I am a whit

Novelty is to prolong time for a while

It stretches our awareness of the concept

Pay attention and time will feel immobile

That is, until you become adept

A human and subjective experience

Unplug and watch the hours slow down

Run faster and faster you will notice the difference

Stop and listen to the heart pound


The Smell of Sleep

The smell of sleep is so potent

Like stale air, but sweet

Reminds me of a groan or grunt

Or a muffled, crumpled bedsheet.

Bodily sweats mingle together

With lotions and potions and shampoo

Hair sticks to duck and goose feather

Faces covered in eye goo.

I think I like it it has a mood

It seems to be very natural

It is kind of musty like a piece of wood

And I think the smell is peaceful.

With clean sheets it’s more pleasing

Both slightly stuffy and sightly floral

Sleep smells like heavy breathing

and sometimes deeds immoral.

Hot breath and warm skin

It’s so hard to define

Scrunched up flowery linen

And sometimes sunshine.